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The marjoram:

As the thyme lemon, it grew savagely at my grandmother’s place – not in the garden, but in the wilderness on the open country side.  It would grow for years, allowing regular cuts of grass for the rabbits. The years when the spring was rainy, stems could attain 50 to 60cm of height and would make flowers in either pink or white colours depending on their exhibition towards the sun.

Virtues which are lent him:

I discovered a short time ago that the marjoram would be reputed for its comforting virtues, notably in situations of psychical excitability and of nervous glow. It also contributes to reduce the effects of stress. The infusion of marjoram was indeed served and appreciated in the evening, in front of the fire of chimney – we were never explained why this plant was particularly appropriate to calm down things in the evening !  Finally, at the level of the digestive sphere, the plant would intervene to stimulate appetite and to regulate some digestive disorders.

The plant:

The Marjoram is an annual plant of the Lamiacées family, cultivated as spicy a plant for its aromatic leaves.
It is a species very close to Oregano (Origanum vulgare). It is sometimes called Marjoram of the gardens.
It is an enduring plant which can attain a height of 60 cm. It’s leaves are opposed, of a grayish green, in whole oval form, from 1 to 2 cm long, with small white flowers or mallows, located in group on the top of the stem.