Recipe created by Lionel Lévy, executive head. Intercontinental luxury hotel – Hôtel-Dieu in Marseille


Net of beef (in the pear or the whiting). 100g a person.
Tapenade in the black olives
Wine vinegar
Syrup of lemon thyme of Eloïde
Olive oil, salt, pepper.


The beef : retail the net of sliced beef of 2 in 3mm of thickness. Cut them in rectangles of 6cmx10cm or preserve the shape of the net to reconstitute it during the assembly.

Onions: cut them in dice of 5mm aside. Put them cooking in a pan with a little olive oil. When they are gilded well, to deglaze them with some syrup of lemon thyme of Eloïde and a little vinegar. Let compoter and reserve.


Apply a fine layer of tapenade then compote of onions to the first slice of net. Deposit above a slice of net and renew the operation by ending with a slice of net. The pile will contain approximately 5 slices of net and does not have to exceed 3 in 4 cms in thickness.


Fry in the olive oil. Drain before presenting.

Serve warmly!